Thesis statement
Start out the paper with a strong thesis statement related to your film.

        For example: Minority neighborhoods are strongly tied to higher instances of racial profiling.

Discuss (briefly in one 8 sentence paragraph) how you saw this thesis statement in the film you watched.

****transition sentence******

Then begin with your review of the articles and what you found.  You can copy and paste the text from your literature review assignment here.
*****transition sentence****

What theory about race best describes what you found in both the film and articles?  (Intesectionality, Race Relations, Model Minority)

Define the theory first and then talk about how it relates to the film and articles.

In the next section please answer the following questions

What was the overall theme of the movie?
Who were the main characters and cite 3 major events that relate to the overall theme of the film.
What are your thoughts about the stratification in the neighborhood or setting?
How is racism and racialization visible in the film (cite 3 examples)?
Did you notice any gender references or inequalities?
Sum up your main points.
What do the film and articles teach us about race?  Where do we go from there? How can this issue be resolved?
Remember to cite APA style.

Please include a reference section including the film and three articles cited in APA (this is page 6)

Total Paper 5 full length pages

1 page reference (this is page 6)

Double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman Font



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