Concept Map

A concept map is a visual representation that shows individual relationships between concepts, principles and personal or professional connections. The purpose of a concept map is to allow practitioners to visualize connections between ideas, connect new ideas to previous, and to organize ideas logically.

For this discussion, you will create an initial draft of a concept map that you can refine and expand upon for the Concept Map assignment. You may base this concept map on any of the case studies presented in the Vila Health: Concept Maps as Diagnostic Tools presentation, on the example case studies from Unit 1, or your own case study.

Your concept map should be related to your chosen case study and should illustrate the relationship between the patient; the condition, disease, or disorder; and the various diagnostic and treatment considerations. In your concept map, display the following elements (you will likely want to submit your concept map as an attachment in the discussion area):

Key information about the patient.
Key information about the condition, disease, or disorder.
Key decisions that a nurse would make to determine the best diagnostic and/or treatment options.
Relevant facts related to the case study that help to illustrate support for decisions.
Connectors to indicate relationships between the patient, condition, and decisions.
You should also post a brief, 12 sentence summary of the case study you are using as the basis for your concept map to help provide the context for your map.

Cite at least one source of scholarly or professional evidence that supports your concept map and decisions made regarding care.


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