These discussions are intended to be scholarly dialogs, you must support all of your assertions with proper scholarly support in APA format with sources listed as References at the end of the post. Support ALL claims and information provided. Discussions threads are expected to engage the assigned subject matter, drawing on the reading and study materials within the course as well as additional researched scholarly materials.

A minimum of 4 scholarly sources is required for your initial thread. Acceptable sources are textbooks, Bible, peer-reviewed journal articles, and quality popular press articles (HBR, Forbes, BusinessWeek, etc.) with no more than 1 popular press article per week. 1 biblical integration.

Please read the grading rubric before starting this paper.

770 Discussion Thread & Replies and Responses: Globalization, complexity, diversity, and Gods Call to Love in Ethical Leadership  (Week 8)

Topic:  Discuss how ethical behavior and underlying decisions are guided by nationalism, global citizenship, diversity, complexity, and God’s call to love your neighbor. Are there hospitality or other examples that are relevant to your ethical assessments? What does the ethical leader depend upon to help navigate the increasingly challenging global dilemmas? How does/should Christian leaders’ global behavior, their role as a ‘global citizen’, differ from non-Christian leaders?

This is a broad arena, so narrow your focus, incorporate the diverse course study materials, scripture, and your own scholarly research to support your arguments. Remember to review the Discussions Instructions document and grading rubric (attached) for specific assignment guidance.
You must use at least 1 biblical integration in the paper.

Textbook reading: Johnson: Chapter 12
constructions Attached: 770 Discussion Thread week 8


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