This is the outline (PPT) for your final paper.

Please just do the Content Slides and References No Title Slide

Include 5 content slides, one title slide, and one reference slide min. (7 slides min) Please include:
The type of hazard or process your report covers (9/11). You may do a case study that involves an actual event that has happened, if you do a case study, focus on the emergency management role before during, and after the incident. Use NFPA 3000, NFPA 1600, and/or a local state or local EM plan to compare your findings to.
If you choose to outline the EM process (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery) you may do this for any hypothetical incident that you choose. Make sure you use references for all governmental agencies or professional journals.
Use at least one peer-reviewed journal article and 2 other references, 3 total (min.)


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