Thomas is now working in a large corporation in Hong Kong. He has two children. He has an $8 million apartment in Hong Kong and currently invest all his money, $2 million, in Tracker Fund (2800).

Content Requirements:
1. Determining the current financial situation and the key risk exposure concerned (You can make your own assumptions, like salary and interest rate).
2. Developing financial goals.
3. Identifying at least two alternative courses of action (Do nothing could be an alternative.)
4.Evaluating the alternatives (pros and cons).
5. Suggesting the best course of action.

Report Format:
1. ONE page for the scenario, with font size of at least 10.
2. Calculation, diagrams, and tables are recommended.
3. Please quote the source whenever you use secondary data (smaller font size).
4. Please refer to the uploaded files to create similar report outlay as stated in the samples.


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