Critical Thinking Steps:
1. Differentiate among facts, opinions, and inferences.
2. Analyze information from various sources.
3. Recognize and develop alternative perspectives or solutions.
4. Evaluate alternatives to make sound judgments.

Keeping the above critical thinking step in mind, the student is required to interview/review a mental health service.  Each student is required to develop 10 critical thinking questions for the interview.  These are open-ended questions that cannot be answered yes or no and require elaboration.  These questions will be submitted along with the final paper.  The interview will NOT be done at the facility and must be done with a counselor (not a receptionist, or a counselor in training).  It needs to be conducted via technology or a phone interview.  Realize this cannot be done at the last minute. Planning is required to schedule an phone or virtual appointment with the organizations/professionals.  This should be scheduled by Week 2 or Week 3 of the course.
The student will write a 3-4 page scholarly paper integrating critical thinking skills (below) into their experience along with
course terminology and application.  It is not a question and answer paper.  It can be written in 1st person.  Interview questions will be attached to the paper.  Papers will not be accepted unless the organizations contact name, phone number, and email is on the paper.  Papers will be submitted in the assignment tab in the Blackboard course. 


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