Please answer question individually

1.    Clearly identify and then explain how the work of Dr. Martin Lindstrom has effectively updated the content of the classic advertising and promotion, neuromarketing research article entitled In Search of the Buy Button.
2.    As an outcome of the dialogue in the Module 6 discussion, identify and explain the factors that students decided were most important in creating a (a) successful TV commercial advertisement and (b) successful print advertisement.
3.    Marriott has dramatically expanded its stable of hospitality brands over recent years. Thoroughly identify and explain the steps that a detail-oriented marketing manager would undertake to protect and defend the trademarks, trade dress, and other intellectual property associated with these brands.
4.    Identify and explain, in a depth consistent with graduate marketing education, the chief advantages and disadvantages of standardization versus adaptation as approaches to international advertising. Reference any and all scholarly articles assigned during the last half of the course.
5.    As an outcome of the Module 7 Discussion, explain the synergies that GEs marketing management has created as a product of its decision making in executing its marketing selections. What was the consensus of the week-long discussion?
6.    Reflecting on the two videos and your readings on the subject (Chapters 23 and 24 in particular), compare (cite similarities) and contrast (cite differences) the challenges facing marketing managers of Nivea and Nike.


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