Rubrics attached.  This. assignment is two piece.  It’s a “poetic response to war” followed by an analytical essay.

Instructions for Poetic Response to War: (1 page)
Your actual assignment will be to write a poetic response to war (like Eliot, Owen, or the other poets we encountered). Your poem does not have to take a specific form, but it should reflect elements of the Modern era in its tone and content. Your poem must be at least the length of a sonnet, but it can be longer. Try to include one of the allusions you created in the beginning of this unit. Craft carefully, and do as much planning as necessary. When you are ready, type your final draft.

Instructions for Analytical Essay: (2 pages)

How does the characterization of Lady Macbeth and Eliza Doolittle convey the changing roles of women in British history?

Remember to consider the following:

What was the institutional worldview at the time?
How does the character reflect the institutional worldview?
What lines (from Eliza) indicate a shift in the role of women?
Why is this significant?


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