This week, you learned about the dynamics of organizational change. You learned that it can be planned or unplanned; it can begin inside or outside the organization; it can be symbolic or transformative.

The purchase of a new learning management system (LMS) is a common occurrence in higher education today. The LMS provides the infrastructure and technology for all distance learning offeringsand many traditional classroom-based coursesso it is an event that can turn an entire institution upside down! The following scenario will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of change management in a real-world situation.


You are the director of distance learning at Hybrid University. The technology of distance learning is changing rapidly, and the university is considering the purchase of a new LMS. Faculty and staff will use the new system to design and deliver online courses. It has taken Hybrid University employees almost 5 years to become comfortable with the current system, the first and only one that many of them have ever used, so they are feeling a great deal of anxiety about the pending purchase.
Your supervisor, the vice president for instruction, has scheduled a training session for midlevel administrators. He has asked you to lead it. The purpose of the session is to assuage some of their fears and minimize resistance to the change.


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