The Role of the Nurse in Cancer Care Health Promotion Pamphlet and E – Poster Presentation
The purpose of this individual assignment is to present on the role of the nurse in cancer care.
– Students will create a: health promotion poster board presentation that focuses on patient education (i.e. assessment, screening, diagnosis, treatment), coordination of care, symptom management, and supportive care in a  person-centered and culturally competent way. Each student will select a specific cancer of interest (e.g., breast, cervical, prostate, colon, lung and etc).
Assessment Criteria:
– A. Each student will create an educational pamphlet and e-  poster presentation that will include the following information:
1.A description of the specific cancer condition and its epidemiology in Qatar or the Middle East.
2.Risk factors, prevention, and screening guidelines in the state of Qatar.
3.Signs and symptoms unique to  the cancer (presenting clinical symptoms)
4.How the cancer is diagnosed and treated; prognosis/survival rates.
5.Discuss the social determinants of health and cultural factors that may influence how this cancer is screened, treated and managed?
6.What new evidence or  research is emerging for the screening, treatment, symptom management, or prevention of  this cancer?
7.Discuss the contribution of    nursing and other health care professions in the care of patients living with this cancer.
8.Discuss the importance of possible inter/intra professional collaboration opportunities in  care coordination of individuals living with cancer.
9.Identification of RNAO Best Practice Guidelines and the relevance of evidence in the context of Qatar.
10.List local resources in Qatar or the Gulf region for support and information


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