Submit a one and a half to two-page, double-spaced educational summary using one of the two researched based articles below. 
In addition to being assessed on your ability to identify and present key features of the articles (accurately and logically), you will be assessed on the accurate use of APA style. DO NOT use headings or type out the names of the key features below. Article summary should NOT exceed one and one half pages (double spaced). See example of article summary
1. Name and Date: For this assignment, DO NOT submit a title page. Simply put your name at the top of the first page of your article summary.
2. Citation: For this assignment only, record a complete APA style reference at the top of the first page of the paper, just below your name and date. 
3. Features: Be brief and logical in your presentation. Keep it simple. Highlight the important aspects of the journal article. This is NOT a reflection assignment.  Do not include opinion. Do not use “I” in the first three paragraphs.  Use your own words.
Paragraph 1: Introduction: Purpose of the study.  Why was it conducted? What was it about?
Paragraph 2: Procedures: What/who is the sample? Where did the study take place? Methodology – how was data collected? How long? What was measured? How was data analyzed?
Paragraph 3: Findings: What were the major findings? Conclusions: In your own words what were the researchers’ conclusions? What was the outcome of the study?
Paragraph 4: Personal Comments: What did you learn from the study? How might this apply to the field?
Do no use second person:
First, Second, and Third Person


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