Do not rewrite the questions, answer each of them separately. Needed resources are in uploads.

1.    In 1-3 sentences, summarize the main tenets of each of the following economists critiques of foreign aid-Short answer!!!!(resource Farmer, chapter 10)
a.    Jeffrey Sachs
b.    William Easterly
c.    Amartya Sen
2. Review the 8 principles the authors use to distill the accompaniment approach down into concrete actions (Farmer et al, 2013: pages 294-296).
1.    If you had to identify three main themes that you see emerge from the accompaniment approach and the operational principles outlined by the
authors, what would they be?
1.    Theme 1:
2.    Theme 2:
3.    Theme 3: 

3. In Chapter 11 of the Farmer et al, 2013, the authors identify a number of specific global health priority issues they deem especially important to address in the 21st century, including:
a.    Maternal and Child Health
b.    The Big Three: AIDS, TB and Malaria
c.    Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
d.    Cancer
e.    Surgery
i.    Choose one of these priority health areas that is outlined or mentioned specifically in the textbook to focus on.
ii.    Using the World Health Organizations online disease burden resources (and/or other resources you research/identify yourself), update the burden of disease description given in the book from 2013 for the specific priority health area you have chosen. (NOTE: Disease-specific WHO resources can be found here: www.who.int click on Health Topics on the top left page)
1.    Which priority issue have you identified?
2.    How has the burden of disease profile changed (or not) from the profile described/outlined in the book?
3.    If the burden of disease has improved, why? What interventions or factors have contributed to this improvement?
4.    If the burden of disease has worsened, why? What are the contributing factors?


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