The following discussion is based on two primary sources provided: “Nat Turner explains the Southampton rebellion” and “George Fitzhugh argues that slavery is better than liberty and equality” as well as the two internet links provided.

After reading the material, answer the following questions.  Your response to each of the discussion questions should be 150 words or more.  Make sure that you use specific evidence from the sources to support your ideas.  Your initial discussion thread should contain responses to both questions.  Then reply to two of your classmates.  Each of those replies should be 150 words or more.  The content folder also contains the discussion rubric used to grade this assignment.

1. Both Nat Turner and George Fitzhugh utilize religion in order to build their arguments regarding slavery.  Compare their arguments.  What nonreligious reasons does Fitzhugh give for supporting slavery?

2. Before Nat Turner’s rebellion, Denmark Vesey tried to stage a revolt as well in 1822.  Read the biography about Vesey.  Then read the testimony given by enslaved men about Vesey to get a sense of how his trial was carried out.  Do you think this testimony is reliable?  Why or why not?  How are the arguments made by Turner and Vesey similar and/or different?

Below are the links to the other readings




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