Discussion Question:

What was the significance of African Independence? First, read the primary source, The Resolutions of the Pan-African-CongressResolutions of Pan-African Congress 1919.docx which outlined the goals of an Independent Africa. Then read the secondary source about what happened in Africa after Independence: African Independence: the First Thirty Years by Vincent Khapoya Mod 8 Independence_Khapoya.pdf. When you create your post and response this week, consider why independence was necessary and what was achieved or not achieved. In other words, how was Africa changed by independence from European powers?

In your two-paragraph post, you should identify two significant changes (positive or negative) that came about because of independence.

In your response, you should address another student’s post by reviewing their argument (changes) and either refuting or supporting it. Perhaps you found more significant changes or if not, further agree with additional evidence from the readings.

Please note: Your initial two-paragraph post must be completed by Wednesday at 11:59pm. If your post comes after Wednesday then you will receive a late grade for the entire discussion which is a 10% reduction. Your response to another student’s post must be completed by Friday at 11:59 when the entire assignment is due.

*Please refer to the Model Post and Response-Discussion Board Advice in the Introduction Module  for help.


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