The foundation for all HR practices is a job analysis. Therefore, I want you to have hands-on experience in conducting a legally defensible job analysis.

You will identify a particular job to analyze.

Criteria for choosing a job:

You must find a full-time working individual that will allow you to interview him/her ONCE during the semester (sometime in late January/early February). Or, you can conduct this project on your current job. This individual/job cannot be a top executive of a company (e.g., CEO, CFO, COO). This individual must hold a job in which more than one person holds the same position. In other words there is only one CEO so that would not work. Furthermore, this full-time working individual cannot be his/her own boss.

EACH written project needs a bibliography detailing the materials you used to complete the project including the textbook, websites, and/or interviews. I am not strict on format but prefer APA format. Please see the discussion regarding plagiarism later in the syllabus.


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