this assignment should be written in celtx.com not in word.


i uploaded an example so you can make just the same structure but deferent script.
deferent story .
you are free to use your imagination and make what ever story you like but use architectural elements in your story .

Your midterm assignment consists of:

1-The script of your film: Up to 3 to 4 pages, with title and name, including architectural elements suggested in film story assignment and written in the form of US script style (you can find the guideline and the sample in resources)

2-The moodboard of the script: 1 page with necessary reference images of your film, including a color palette. You can check the samples in resources and also you can use the template. In the template there are samples and explanations; be sure to make your own 1 page moodboard, do not use every pages in the template.

Celtx webpage/application/program is suggested but not a must.

You can share your script with me before the deadline to get feedback.

Important Note:

Please be sure that your story emphasizes the places, architecture, architectural elements. Ask yourself what is the importance of the architecture in this story, how the architectural elements contribute the film. Remember, every film uses many places but we expect your films to put architecture in an important position not just as a background.


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