Writing prompt:This semester we have read different historical and personal accounts of what it means to be American.  Please write about your sense of personal identity as an American.  How do you identify yourself?  Even if you are not a citizen and do not intend to live in this country for long, I want for you to take seriously this concept and think and write about it.
Fully develop reasons and examples that support your definition of what being American means to you in 2021.  As you do this, you will need to review the essays by Serrano, De Tocqueville, Standing Bear, Ellison, Polanco, and Houston and observe the ways in which these authors developed their self-definitions as they searched for an identity in America.  Is there one of these essays that you related to in particular?  In at least one paragraph of your own essay, you should make a connection to one or two of the essays that we have read and briefly summarize and quote from it/them and use MLA documentation.  Be creative!

Psa-Im African btw. Thanks


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