What is happening in Africa today? Or at least within the last couple of years.

Read Africa and Contemporary Issues (secondary source) by Joseph Harris Africa and Contemporary Issues.pdf which discusses three topics of concern in Africa today(contemporary): economic issues, socio-political issues, and democratization. Next, search the internet for a news story (primary source) from within the last couple of years that relates to one of those three topics (economic, socio-political, democratization). While answering the question above consider whether or not your current news story agrees with the assessment in Africa and Contemporary Issues or does it point to a different analysis of Africa today.

Some decent places to look for a current news story: New York Times: The Guardian or Telegraph (UK); Africa Report; Independent (South Africa); or www.cnn.com/africa.  Please note, that news reports are considered a primary source if they are reporting about a recent event.

Basic requirements:

1. Answer the question in one paragraph (c. 5 sentences).

2. Use the primary source (news article) as proof in your answer.  Include a quote from the primary source and citation.

3. In order to place the primary source in context, read and use the secondary source as background. Cite it but no need to quote.

4. Look at the rubric provided to get a better idea of how it will be graded.

5. Edit your work.


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