Critically review the book, “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths” by R.D. Hare (1993). The paper should be in APA format. The body of the paper should 5-7 pages, and there should be a title page and reference page. In the paper, summarize, critically analyze, and synthesize the information from the book.

Guide questions
What is the purpose of the book?
What are the key questions being addressed?
What is the most important information?
What are the key inferences and conclusions?
What are the authors assumptions?
Is there clear justification for the authors conclusions?
Is the compelling evidence for the conclusions?
What is the authors perspective?
Are there alternative explanations?
What are the limitations?
What is your perspective?
How do the conclusions relate to other information, phenomena, and theories?
What are the general and specific implications of the conclusions?


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