Read the Course Summation Paper Instructions and the then follow my instructions bellow to help you write this one page (double spaced) paper.

In this one page (double spaced) paper, follow the following outline when writing :
1.Check the topics covered in this course (see the attached file Topics) and choose one or more topic(s) to write about. Write about the following
    What do you think about the topic(s) covered in this course that you chose?
    What do you like about the topic(s) covered in this course that you chose?
    What can you learn from these topic(s)?
    Explain how are these topic(s) that you chose are important and educational
    If there is space write about a topic that you think you struggled with and explain why (This does not have to be true)

2. Check the attached file (Online Activates) and read about the 5 activates below. You can also go to the website for each activity for more details and try them if needed.
Activity 3: Fact V Opinion
Activity 4: Newsfeed Defender
Activity 7: Depression Quest
Activity 10: Implicit Bias Test
Activity 13: Killing me softly: Experience Micro Aggressions video
Write about the following:
    What do you think about each of the 5 activates above?
    What do you like about these 5 activates above?
    What can you learn from the 5 activates above?
    Explain how these 5 actives use unique and engaging ways of teaching you

3. Check the attached file (Structural Element) and choose some of them to write about.
Write about some of the assignments (weekly quizzes, Crosswords, papers
    etc) given in this course

    Explain how these assignments can help you learn

    Explain what you like about these assignments?

    Explain how this class organized in ways that make it easier for you to learn and keep track of your assignments.

    Give examples of these ways.

This paper should be a summary of what you think you learned from the course, so don’t cite and only write about what you think.

What you write in this paper doesnt have to be what you actually think, so you can make up anything that sounds good.

This is supposed to be one page (double spaced) paper, so dont make it longer and summarize when needed.


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