If you have begun to look at that PowerPoint, yup, there is a lot in life that we worry about. Yet, the way we react has a HUGE impact on our health and well-being. Some of us are worriers by nature, and some are those that gloss right over the bad stuff and some of us are somewhere between the two. Most of us have our demons things we worry about more than other things and they may not be things our friends and/or family worry about.

For instance, if I have a transportation phobia (irrational fear over some sort of transport lets say flying, I may worry myself silly in a troublesome way over an upcoming trip to Disney, while my partner may be loving life excited, all in a good way.

For this weeks dive, lets try finding out some helpful things about ourselves and then thinking about what we might do about them. I want you first to take the two questionnaires that are included in this assignment: one is about seeing the glass half-full or half-empty optimism or pessimism. Please be honest with yourself. I am trying to provide information to you that is helpful in your personal life. It doesnt help if you try to look good or even look bad. 

    After completing the questionnaires, I want you to tell me how you did and if you expected this or were surprised by your score.

    Now, think of something that has been stressing you out in your real life (one that you do not mind writing to me about), one that you have not yet resolved.

Write a two-page paper, 12-pica, double-space, one-inch margins the norm. Address the following:

Summarize the problem / stressor.

How does it make you feel?

How did you react so far? Would you change anything about the way you reacted to date?

What control (or lack thereof) do you have over the stressor or problem? What parts of this do you control and what parts do you not control?

What is the worst that can happen?

What is the best outcome that can happen?

What are your options what are the ways you can approach / solve this stressor / problem?

Who, if anyone, can I ask for help or to talk to about this problem?

What type of problem-solving should I engage if I can? Emotion or Problem focused?

Why? If I cannot what can I do? What is my stressbuster (exercise, ice cream, meditation, retail therapy, etc., laugh, hang out with friends)?

What will I probably do? How will this probably work out? Will that be a satisfactory end?


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