A 1,500-word paper (approximately 10 double-spaced pages) on any topic related to feminist and/or queer theory due on 5/21 at 11:59PM.
Planning Guide

    Introduction paragraph:
        – A research question or problem is stated
        – Methods are briefly stated
        – A brief overview of how your findings spoke to existing anthropological/             sociological literature (this would be your argument)

    Methods paragraph:
        – In depth discussion of how you did your research
        – A defense of the methods you chose: why they showed you something others
        couldnt, or what they particularly helped you see about your problem

    Literature Review (can be combined with findings paragraph if the essay flows better         this way, I recommend combining the two):
        – A detailed discussion of how your question engages some of the literature we
        have read in this class; this is where you paraphrase and summarize the
        arguments of anthropological/sociological work that relates to your topic

        – A detailed discussion of the things that you found in your research, there
        should be reference here to the literature review you did above and how your
        findings are in line with OR diverge from the literature you reviewed.
        -This should be the bulkiest part of the essay and can be broken into more than             one paragraph

        – A recap of your essay


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