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Also please check bottom to see what I want to u to write about also check the file Article based on survey of CUNY students- optional reading that you can use for your paper

Also remember you gonna write about a student who live in USA

College Students Experience of the Pandemic Project

– How has the pandemic affected your academic plans?
– What are the biggest challenges youve had in learning and completing
coursework during the pandemic? Explain why.
– If you had all the resources in the world, what would you need or what
would have helped you improve your educational experiences during the pandemic?

Step One:

In class Writing Activity prompt to generate experiences from our class on how the pandemic affected their college plans and learning. The PDF document of this is available on Blackboard in the folder for this paper. You will use the responses as your data for the paper and in the next steps.

Step Two:

This is the second activity to help you generate ideas and create a rough outline and draft of the paper.

Begin by reading the following article:

Use specific sociological concepts (terms like socialization, norms, values, etc.) in a meaningful way to analyze your life experiences.

Try to use at least one supplementary article or reading that is available on Blackboard to help describe your experiences.

Proofread your papers for grammar, spelling and style before you hand in your essays. (Work with a writing tutor if you need to.)

This are the thing I want u to talk about in the paper

In just one Month coronavirus has changed everyones lives around the world. Many people have died and many people are still fighting in hospitals to survive. However the rates of the coronavirus patients and death are getting higher everyday, and yet there is no cure for coronavirus, also hospitals are running out of stuff that is needed to provide for patients. Furthermore Hospitals are getting packed and doctors dont have enough stuff to help the patients. In many countries the government has shutted down restaurants, bars, schools, and other public places. Also Ordered people to stay home to slow down the spread. So everyone needs to be more responsible, and maintain social distancing to slow down the spread and protect themselves from getting affected, and everyone else . For now that is the only way to slow the spread. Also this life threatening virus has left many propels jobless, in every country the government should make a ban on bliss and stuff for now, because there are people for example single parents or others who cant afford to stay home, and pay bills, or provide food for their families. So I just hope everyone around the world who lost a loved one, or has someone fighting in hospitals to survive may god give them strength to face it.

Joseph Kalaj: to be honest the pandemic has helped me alot both mentally and physically with stuff,i personally find online class much more easier and better for shy/nervous students.however at the same time not being in a actual classroom is very difficult.honestly id need a personal office to improve my learning experience,i feel like if i had just one big room dedicated to when i have class or when i have to do work and etc it would make my life ten times easier as i cant really do work while in my living room with my other siblings and stuff like that.
Jancy Jimenez:
The pandemic has affected my academic plans because I was expecting to take in person classes before the semester started. I wanted to experience going to college in person because I would prefer actually going to the campus, seeing the building,and meeting new people. Some challenges I had in learning and completing coursework is finding the motivation to complete the work. Throughout these semesters that are fully online, something I struggled with the most is focusing on completing my assignments because I feel like its more difficult when you are in the comfort of your own home. When Im in a classroom setting I find it easier to focus on completing my work because I have less distractions than if I was at home. Usually when Im working on my assignments at home I would take much longer than is needed because I start procrastinating and losing focus. Some resources that I would need during this pandemic is money that will be used for essentials such as textbooks. Other than that I dont need anything else in particular.

Brianna Rodriguez:
The pandemic has directly affected me in many ways. The way I used to live my life was completely flipped upside down. I had many plans of bettering myself as a person by working out, meeting new people, and traveling. Because of the pandemic, I stay home, become lazy, and dont talk to many people. When it comes to school work, I realized that my concentration and work ethics have decreased. I have always been better at learning in person. Although I do complete my assignments on time, it does come with a lot more effort than before. Before the pandemic, I was more driven to do my assignments, but now I just complete most of my workshortly before they are due. This pandemic helped me become less driven and less motivated. Thankfully that is changing, but I do realize that most of my behaviors arrived as a result of the pandemic.

Kaitlyn Q:
The pandemic made it a little harder to stay as motivated as I was beforehand. I still manage to attend class and treat my assignments the same way, but I have noticed that I dont absorb information the same way compared to how I did when we still had in-person classes. A big challenge that I had to face when completing coursework is that I had to create my own agenda at home so I know what is due and when. I also had to manage my time properly to make sure I didnt forget to do anything. In the very beginning of the pandemic, I think better communication couldve helped improve my educational experiences, but since everyone was new to this form to learning/teaching, I cant complain that much. I think everything is much better now since were now more used to and comfortable with this way of learning.
Also u can talk about how the pandemic bring my family and me closer together. Remember you gonna wrote about the the student who live in USA.


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