Pick one of the robotic spacecraft that we have sent or are planning to send into Earth orbit, solar orbit, to the moon, or to another planet. Write a 1000 word essay, that has at least the following elements.
Introduction Tell us the name of the project, which agency sent it up, when it was launched, and what it was supposed to accomplish.
Tell us about the rocket that it was launched on. Where was it launched from? What kind of orbit or trajectory it was on?
Give us a detailed description of the probe itself. What kind of propulsion does it have? What are the primary scientific instruments on it? How is it powered?
Give us a chronology of the mission.
What did it actually accomplish? Were there any surprises? In the case of a future or ongoing mission tell us in detail what it is supposed to accomplish.
You should cite your sources using APA or MLA format. There should be a bibliography at the end of your essay. The sources do not count as part of your 1000 word minimum.
Please feel free to use this same topic for one of your oral reports. Pictures and diagrams are encouraged but are not a substitute for putting ideas in your own words.


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