Nations across the globe constantly make decisions that have not only national, but also regional and sometimes global impact. As we face the reality of growing globalization, it becomes more and more important to understand nations as global players with unique perspectives, goals and strategies. Exploring the political, legal, economic and cultural systems of a country can help us to first, understand the economic decisions it makes, second understand its position as a global player, and third – to search for opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration. This assignment is designed as a thorough research on a foreign country that will encourage you to thoroughly analyze that countrys systems and explore possibilities for partnerships with the USA.

For this assignment you need to complete thorough research on Australia and present your findings on all important global economy characteristics of that country as well as explore opportunities for collaboration between Australia and the USA. Your proposal should (1) outline the most important findings about Australia, (2) scan the current US economy and (3) provide a recommendation for collaboration between the two countries. Your proposal should be written in the form of a paper that strictly follows the APA rules for formatting and citations. You need to start with a cover page and include a reference list. You need to use a minimum of 8 different references to support your arguments and recommendations, of which minimum 4 references are
academic and minimum 4 references are to established professional organizations. Please refer to the step-by-step directions for a full review of all requirements for this assignment and to the Grading Rubric for the assignment point allocation.

Step-by-Step Directions
Introduction (1 paragraph)
Describe briefly the purpose of the research paper and your goals for it.
General Country Research (minimum 1.5 pages)
Present your country of choice and explain what draws your interest to it.
Present the four systems that are commonly used to research a country.
Present your research findings about the political, economic, legal and cultural systems in your country of choice.
Present an analysis of the country that emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages it faces as a global player.
Country Current Economy Research (minimum 1.5 pages)
Present an overview of the prominent resources and industries in the country.
Summarize your research finding on the international trade the country engages with, on the Foreign Direct
Investments in and out of the country, and the current import and export trends.
Present your analysis of the current global economic status of the country emphasizing both advantages you have
identified as well as potential weakness and or threats the country is facing.
Current US Economy Overview (minimum 0.5 page)
Describe briefly the current economic situation in the USA.
Identify two prominent economic factors the USA is currently facing, such as issues, challenges, advances,
innovations, etc.
Global Collaboration Opportunities (minimum 2 pages)
Research the current global collaboration between your country of choice and the USA and present your major
Based on your research of the current US economy and your research on the country of your choice, recommend one
new way, in which the two countries can collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.
Develop an argument for the benefits both countries could gain through your proposed collaboration opportunity.
Identify how the two countries can address together one ethical or sustainability challenge.
Identify the type of US companies (e.g. industry, product, service, etc.) that can benefit from such collaboration and
explain why.
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Conclude your research with a summary of your major findings and ideas.


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