In the form of a report, research the topic of Vaccines. Through formatting a report, be specific while restating the 5 explanations, definitions, communications, etc. that is listed below:

1)Explain how the process of Vaccines meet the definition of biotechnology. [Biotechnology is the use of a living thing or any part of a living thing to make a product or process that improves human life.]
2)Describe how the process is performed.
3)Explain the uses of the application.
4)Communicate 1 benefit, 1 drawback, and 1 risk of the process, about Vaccines.
5)Elaborate on an ethical concern of the application of Vaccines. [For example, if you chose In Vitro Fertilization, you might discuss what to do with leftover embryos.]

include an Abstract, Title, and Reference page; should be double-spaced; and should include a running head and page numbers.


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