Short answers is fine

1. watch video and then answer questions below


1. Where & When did the Plague first arrive in Europe?

2. What routes did the Plague follow?  From where?

3. How long were people Asymptomatic?

4. What else died besides humans?

5. How many Europeans died?  What percentage?  Worldwide?

2. Read article then answer questions below


6. The world changed in what 4 ways after Black Death?

7. What year did the Plague reach Sicily?  What year did it reach England?

8. What year did the Plague peter out in Europe?  What percentage was dead?

9. For the peasants who moved to the cities, what big changes ocurred?

10. How did the plagues affect religion in Europe?

3. watch video and then answer questions below


11. What bacterium caused the Bubonic Plague?

12. How did the plague travel and reach humans?

13. What was the first Empire heavily affected by the Plague?

14. What did Mongols do with infected corpses?

15. How many died in Europe from 1347-1351?  How many in all of Eurasia?

16. What changed for the surviving peasants after the plague?

17.  The Black Death ended what European social system & ushered in what new system?


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