External Analysis for Best Buy (3 pages)

1. Analyze the important general trend especially during the pandemic: Evaluate and discuss how factors in the general environment were affecting BestBuy. Identify at least three of the GEA factors and describe how they are affecting the industry.

2. Analyze industry attractiveness especially during the pandemic: Analyze industry environment based on Best Buy using the Porter Five Forces Model What are the implications you take away from this analysis?  You should analyze each of the forces and make a conclusion about the industry at large.
(At least three references in recent years)

1. Start each analysis section with an opening sentence that explains the analysis you are about to perform and its objective

2. When making an assessment, state your conclusion first, then provide logic and evidence to support it

3. Keep supporting your argument with additional logic and evidence until the point becomes obvious:

4. If you use technical terms, provide a definition.
The pandemic has had a significant impact on AMC short-term solvency ratios. Solvency ratios measure the firms ability to meet short-term obligations.

5. Provide concluding remarks at the end of each section.


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