The goal of this assignment is for you to present via video the foundational elements of your business idea and business plan.  What will you sell?  Where will you be located?  What is your mission?  How will you differentiate yourself from the competition etc.?
Please note that you may not use franchises for this presentation.  It must be an original business idea and concept.
Please note that I want you to video yourself so that I see both you and your visual aid(s) in the presentation.  I want to see you for 100% of the video.
What you need to cover in your recorded presentation:
Business Name
Business Mission
Problem(s) that you are solving with your business
Competitive Advantage (what is different/unique about your business?)
Description/summary of the industry (NAICS Code and at least two trends in the industry) Watch the video in the Written Assignement folder that shows you how to find a NAICS code.
Target market must include: geography, age, gender and benefits sought (be detailed – ex. Single mothers between the ages of 20 and 45 in Lake County, Ohio who want to save time)
Summary of the services and products
Location of the business
Summary of the competition at least 3 5 businesses (Watch the video in the Written Assignement folder that shows you how to find a list of competitors)
A summary of your skills/experience that will benefit the business
Business hours
Employees needed how many and what roles
List of marketing ideas/tools that can be used to market the business
Potential business risks
Presentation Details:
Presentations will be 4-5 minutes long.
Presentations must include some type of visual (PowerPoint, handout, poster, etc.)  Please show it in the video.
Recorded business presentations will be due on Blackboard on April 13 at 12:30pm.
Video Options
You can record using your cell phone and upload the video to YouTube.  Be sure to list the video as unlisted so that I can still view it but it isnt searchable.  There is a document attached to this assignment that walks you through uploading a video to YouTube
Lakeland also provides Techsmith Knowmia to students, formally known as Relay.  You can record videos using Knowmia.  There is a document attached to this assignment that walks you through using Knowmia.
What you need to turn in on Blackboard by November 17 at 9:30am (all items MUST be typed and presented professionally):
Link to presentation recording I suggest loading a video onto YouTube and listing it as unlisted, so that it isnt searchable
Presentation visual such as PowerPoint, handout etc.
Business name and mission (This can be part of a PowerPoint submission)
Competition list at least 3 5 developed during Library presentation (This can be part of a PowerPoint submission)
List of marketing ideas (This can be part of a PowerPoint submission)
How you will be graded (see Blackboard for detailed rubric):
Timely Delivery 4 5 minutes
Professional delivery Clarity, tone and comprehension (could I hear you and understand you, was your material clearly presented, did you read your notes or did you speak from memory?)
Discussed all necessary components of the presentation – Name, mission etc.
Visual aid(s) Did you include them per the instructions?  Can I see them in the video?
Organization Did you keep the presentation on track and organize it so that people followed along?
Professional Dress Would someone want to invest in your business based on how you presented yourself (no baseball hats, shorts, sweat pants, jeans, hoodies etc.)?
Planning and Preparation Did you submit all of the information online that was requested etc.?  Did you list the video as unlisted on YouTube and not private (only you can view a private video etc.)?


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