HUS 510

Module 7 Case Study “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”


Social Service Agency (SSA) is a sectarian family service agency that provides counseling, family life education and other public service education programs to the community. It was founded by its major funding source, a sectarian fundraising and allocating organization called the Community Planning Agency (CPA) and still remains a division instead of a separate agency. When considering the separation of the SSA from the CPA many things must be considered such as the legal, financial, and political ramifications. This case study explores an organizations complex web of stakeholders, interests, and dependencies.

Using a report on the potentials ramifications, you will have to decide whether or not the SSA should separate from the CPA.


Step 1: Read Case 5: Breaking up is hard to do (pages 47-53).
NOTE: You may have to login to the library website to access this material.
Step 2: Submit a 2-4-page paper analyzing stakeholder conflicts. Answer the questions at the end of Case 5 (pages 52-53) in essay form. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources and two ethical standards from the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals ethical code to support your response.
Note: No Late or Emailed  Assignment Will Be Accepted.

Mayers, R. S., Schoech, D., & Soufle, F. (1994). Dilemmas in Human Services Management: Illustrative Case Studies. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Access the case study through the Saint Leo University library.
NOTE: the course LibGuide has a direct link to the case study.

Ethical Standards for Human Services ethical code.

Analyze data to come up with the best solution
Decipher who the stakeholders are and what are their perspectives
Interpret an organizations legal, financial, political, and identity issues

By the end of this case study lesson, you will be familiar making important decisions that accommodate various stakeholders through analyzing the concerns associated with separating organizations.


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