This paper must be in APA 7 format with a maximum of 5 pages, Brevity is rewarded. Use at least 3 outside sources cited within the paper.

Case Background
In a few pages, describe the case facts and background.  Do not duplicate what is in the case itself.

Key Issues
What are the critical issues in the case? These might be problems, opportunities, or challenges mentioned in the case study.  Typically, there will be 2-4 issues briefly describe each.

Analysis of Alternative Solutions.
For the issues identified, propose potential solutions, and analyze each of them.  A typical recommendation is to present 3-4 alternatives. Any given alternative solution might address multiple issues. 

        Rank options Begin by rank ordering alternatives from most to least desirable. In a sentence or two, explain the rank you have assigned each alternative solution. Be sure to consider if the alternative solutions help resolve more than a single issue.
        Select and implement the preferred solution This is the most important part of a case analysis. Begin by selecting the solution that you believe will best solve the identified issues or problems. Describe in detail why you selected that solution. Support that decision with facts and sound reasoning. Make sure that your arguments are consistent with the analysis you conducted above when supporting the preferred solution. Be very organized and methodical in your recommendations. 
Lesson Learned What is the most important take-away or lesson learned from this case? Be specific and describe why you selected this particular lesson.


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