Reading Response Paper Guidelines to Assigned Readings

You are required to write two separate papers for the assigned books and reading chapters.

    Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson: pp. 361-377
    Politics of Jesus by Obery Hendricks: pp. 319-332
Students are required to write 2 pages double-spaced 1 margin. for each paper specified books and reading chapters, for a total of six (4 pages)

Based on the assigned reading assignments, provide a response to the six questions listed below identifying question #s 1- 6 for each chapter on each of the papers:

Papers must be grammatically sound, correctly punctuated, and properly sentence structured. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Cite your sources carefully with the page number! One point will be taken for each word spelled incorrectly.

1.    Identify and write a sentence or paragraph in the reading that made you stumble or caused a moment of aha. Describe why the particular sentence stuck out or caused a response in you. (Include the page number where the sentence is found)

2.    Identify a sentence that represents the thesis/proposition in this reading.

3.    What are the most persuasive ideas in the document?

4.    Are there points/ideas you do not agree with? List them.

5.    What new learnings did you find in the text and would you be interested in doing additional research?

6.    How does/can information from this text inform you/your?
    As a ministerial practice


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