Your research report is a critical analysis paper that substantively documents a Latinx music issue, topic or person of interest. This could be the importance or analysis of a musical style or genre, an artist or band, music of a region (i.e. Texas, any of the regions of Mexico), of a musical movement (i.e. Chicano music of the 1960s, salsa of the 1970s, Latinx hip hop since 1990, reggaeton and musica urbana since 2000), or possibly anything else you can think of. Your paper could also be highly critical of someone or some aspect of Latinx music, or anything else that musically affects or effects Latinos in the U.S. The topics are really wide open. The important thing is that your research project includes multiple sources so that you can critically analyze, compare and contrast all of them for a more through and high-quality paper. Your paper, however, cannot just be, for instance, a biography that lists life information, background and accomplishments, nor a report that just defines and describes a style or genre of music. Your work must include a stated thesis where you use your sources to substantiate your premise and must be critical in nature. Keep in mind that this is a fairly short paper, so keep to a specific and tuned topic.
Details of your paper:
Minimum six pages not including Works Cited page.
Double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, no extra spaces between paragraphs
and standard default page formatting, and photos. Illustrations and diagrams should be
avoided unless absolutely necessary.
Begin with your name, course and semester, and title of research project on first page
of work (no title page)
You must use, reference and cite within your paper, a minimum of four different sources.
Additionally, please consult a style manual for editing, grammar and syntax.
Form of your paper
An introductory paragraph that draws the reader to become interested in your project, a general research questions to drive your paper and finishes with an explicit thesis statement.
A methodology for conducting your research (a paragraph)
Background section of your topic (do not make this the bulk of your paper, 1-2 pages)
Findings section – the main body of your work where you show your findings and critical
analysis, with posits that include substantiation (in-line citations) and should be two
pages long.
Significance section- why was your research important? (average one page)
Conclusion section that wraps up and summarizes your work, including any personal
reflections or personal growth from doing this research. (average one page

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