Prepare a slide presentation of 10 (not counting the cover and reference slides) and include voiceover or a comments section with each slide in which you address the following:
1.    Discuss how changes in HR strategy, business partnering, and/or technology will shape the future of HR.
2.    Professor Ulrich presents an interesting question: Should the focus of an organization be on the organization or on talent? Which is most important? Who is on target: Professor Lawler or Professor Ulrich? Why? Support your viewpoints with viewpoints of others (authors, speakers).
3.    Utilize at least 2 valid sources
The HR Congress. (2017, October 25). Ask Dave Ulrich: Interactive Q&A session with the father of modern HR [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H_Qt2Rkv_E.


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