Paper Prompt Character Analysis
Please discuss Edmund from King Lear, and how it fit the Machiavellian Archetype.  Develop an argument that proves your case by way of examining things such as their actions, characterization, and statements.

Paper Details
    At least 1800 words (per the writing requirement). Please put the word count on the last page. (This is about 6.5-7.5 pages)
    Double-spaced, standard margins
    MLA format preferred, but Chicago etc. work as long as consistent.
    Please use textual citations as evidence throughout. This is crucial.
    Cite your sources as well.  Avoid inadvertent plagiarism.
    Analyze these citations as well dont simply drop them in.  instead, cite a passage from the text and follow it up with an analysis of its language, what it is saying, what it shows about a character, etc.


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