Whole topic: Characterize the main points and the social ideals expressed in Benjamin Franklins  “The Way to Wealth: Preface to Poor Richard Improved, either through the frame narrator, Richard, or the character of Father Abraham. Include in the explanation some consideration of Richard’s commentary after Father Abraham ends his speech (last paragraph of the selection). You can also introduce a critical analysis of this work by Franklin

1. Unify the whole essay around a central or main idea (thesis).
2. Use specific examples from the work(s) being analyzed to support your observations. Document your use of text (primary source) and other material using the MLA Style.
3. Follow MLA rules for quoting sources.
4. Refer to the author by his or her first and last name the first time (same for a source used, for that matter) you mention the author (or source). Use the last name (not the first) for subsequent references to the author or critic.
5. Generally, choose formal over informal, casual, or slang language.
6. Avoid the second person voice (e.g., “your [our] author,” “your everyday poem”).
7. Use the “literary present” verb tense when discussing a literary work (e.g., “Franklin uses a frame narrator in ‘The Way to Wealth.’ “)
8. Avoid the use of passive voice verbs (e.g., NOT “The hypocrisy of the people listening to Father Abraham is satirized by Franklin,” BUT INSTEAD SAY “Franklin satirizes the hypocrisy of the people listening to Father Abraham.”).


At least three researched academic sources (no Internet sites). Use library databases, such as the Literature Resource Center or ProQuest. When using academic research + your own analysis, you can use that research to support your own points, to compare/contrast your points, and/or to introduce very recent analysis that might add new insights on the work.

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