write an answer key for the questions 

Expressive violence is designed to vent _____________________

What is the most critical element of a Rape prosecution: _______________

First Degree Murder is distinguished from Second Degree Murder by the presence of premeditation and deliberation (true or false): ______________

Which type of Killer kills three or more people in three or more separate incidents, and who can kill, then go back to normal life, and then kill again (serial killer or spree killer): _____________________

A woman who is repeatedly beaten, and eventually kills her abuser can use the _________________  ____________ syndrome as an affirmative defense.

A Robbery is a larceny with the use of _________________

A Hate Crime is defined as a violent act directed at a person due to their _____________________________________________________________

Name one election fraud behavior that would amount to political crime: _____________________________________________________________

Which is a crime that is specifically mentioned in the United States Constitution (Espionage or Treason): ________________________

The use of torture in an interrogation to avoid the inevitable loss of life is called the ____________  ____________ scenario.

What is the aim of Retributive Terrorism: _____________________________________________________________

What is the Alienation View of terrorist motivation: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Give one example of how the United States criminal justice system has responded to terrorism: _____________________________________________________________

Name one tool that the United States Government can use pursuant to the USA Patriot Act: ______________________________________________

Give a typical example of a white-collar crime: ______________________

Name one motivation behind the crime of arson: _____________________________________________________________

Give one example of a telemarketing scam: _____________________________________________________________

Give one example of a home improvement scam: _____________________________________________________________

Name a form of green-collar crime: ________________________________

Give one example of what might be considered both a green collar crime and terrorism: _________________________________________________


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