Please upload a diagram drawn in Lucid charts/Visio or any other software of your choice. NO HAND DRAWN DIAGRAMS please.

Continue with the example from the first exam- imagine you are an analyst/designer at Uber. (Some important use cases include logging into the system, booking a cab, leaving a review, making payment, drivers can accept the request, driver can look up directions etc- you can go beyond these use cases.)

A: What would the structure of the system look like- show it with a structural class diagram for Also, please state your assumptions for clarity (15 points).

Show with a class diagram with at least 3 classes and cardinality (2 points)
At least 5 attributes and 3 methods in the class diagram (not necessarily in each class in the class diagram but overall in the class diagram) highlighting important use cases. (2 points). Be sure to follow the right syntax for attributes and methods.
Example of aggregation OR composition (3 points)
Inheritance/Generalization (3 points)
Association class (3 points)
B: For the same system, draw the behavior of the system through a sequence diagram OR state machine (12 points).


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