Your essays must be written entirely in your own words -no quotes from the Coming of Age book or any other book. The use of any other research sources other than the book itself and text is prohibited.

Traditionally, history is presented from a top-down perspective. That is, we see history through the eyes of the victors – leaders, the famous, the wealthy, the movers and shakers, etc.. However, Coming of Age presents history from the bottom-up — from the common mans point of view. Give three (3) differences between the two points-of-views showing how the text book teaches you about the Civil Rights Movement, its leaders, its groups, its events, etc. and how Anne Moody discusses the same or similar events, groups and leaders.  For example, how does the textbook (chapters 22-25) discusses Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., NAACP, CORE, Medgar Evers, SNCC, March on Washington, sit-ins, demonstrations, etc. versus how Moody relates them?

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