Please answer the following questions in the essay:
1. Please state your understanding of Vanishing Advantage.
2. What does the commoditization of IT mean?
1) What is a commodity?
2) How does this term apply to IT?
3. What are the new rules for IT management suggested by Carr (in page 11)?
Doyou think firms should follow Carrs recommendations? Please fully explain your reasons.
Must-Read Reference:
Carr, N. G. (2003). IT Doesnt Matter. Harvard Business Review, 81(5), 41-49.
Recommended Reference:
McFarlan, F. W., & Nolan, R. L. (2003). Does IT matter? An HBR debate. Harvard
Business Review, 81(6), 109-115.
You can also cite other references if need (e.g. Wikipedia). Please remember to cite the
references both in the text and in the reference section at the end of your assignment.
Please follow the listed format to conduct the essay.
1) Times New Roman 12-point.
2) Double space
3) Page preference: two pages. Do NOT write more than three pages
4) List your name and the submission date at the right-hand side of your first page.


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