Listed below, some instructions are a few ideas which will assist  execute the best finest on the essay plz followed

1.    Organizing of the essay is important. In general, the essay will be a central idea directly related to the specific questions.  It should have a clear organizational plan by developing  points with evidence and details in a coherent, logical and non-repetitive way and avoiding  serious or repeated mistakes in grammar, word choice, and sentence structure  (academic language)
2.    2. To answer these 12 questions, type form an essay
3.    we need to use at least 3 references with 2 journal articles as a minimum and one book used the Community/Public Health Nursing Practice, 5th Edition by Frances A. Maurer, MS, RN-BC and Claudia M. Smith, PhD, MPH, RN-BC Chapter 15 Peg 393.

Make sure to answer the questions  according to the following criteria:
1-    The maximum number of pages are 4 pages excluding reference list and the title page.
2-    Use DOUBLE LINE spacing
3-    Use the FONT of “Times New Roman”
4-    Use font SIZE of 12
6-    free plagiarism
7-    (APA style7)

Community Assessment:
The ability of the community to respond effectively to change and meet the needs of its members indicates productive functioning. Such ability helps community health nurse to perform community assessment and develop a more complete list of community functions.  Every community or aggregate may have different definitions of health. Nevertheless, community health nurses with communities’ members in developing effective solutions that are acceptable to communities. A community health nurse must demonstrate these initial assessments to establish certain hunches about the communitys health, strengths, and potential health problems in order to formulate a community diagnosis and plan.

Per the description above; make certain to address the following questions:
1.    What is community-focused nursing?
2.    How are communities defined?
3.    What are the critical attributes of a community?
4.    How are groups and aggregates considered as different types of populations?
5.    How are spatial and relational boundaries considered as different types of places?
6.    What are goals of communities?
7.    What are frameworks for assessing communities?   
8.    What is a general systems framework for assessing communities?
9.    What are factors to consider in assessing the health of communities?
10.    What are sources of data regarding communities?
11.    What are approaches to community assessment?
12.    How do community health nurses analyze community data?


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