Address one of the Critical Thought questions at the end of the chapter. Be sure to restate the question and then address it.
Identify, define, and apply a single concept from the chapter to something important to you. In this case, you are demonstrating understanding by using CP concepts to make sense of something. It may also be providing an illustration of the concept. You can include news links, video clips, websites, whatever helps you illustrate your example and apply the concept.
Identify, define, and critique a single concept/topic from the chapter. In this example, you would reflect on what you think is missing or problematic about the concept/topic.
Analyze Quotes from the Readings.
Quote(s). Select a quote or set of quotes related to a core component of the article. Type, verbatim, with citation including page number.
Paraphrase  quote(s). State what you think the author is trying to say.
Raise your scholarly voice. State why you are highlighting this quote. Is it related to Praise, Problems, or Perplexations? Be clear about why you think it is important to raise (Implications? So what?)
Additional reflection questions:
What were the most important revelations or insights? Why were these important?
With what do I disagree? Why? How would I reconceptualize this point?
What implications do these readings have for understanding social problems, intervention, and/or policy?
What questions do I have now about the topics of these readings?
How do these topics relate to others we have explored in class to date? Be specific.


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