Community Resources Project

Students will Research a Community Resource that is available to Older Adults in the Community.
The Project requirements are:
1.    Write a two-page paper APA Format, with Peer Reviewed References on your topic.
2.    Give Examples of your topic facilities in the Community. Where are the facilities, what is the staffing like, what services do they offer (meals, showers, Hair Dressers, Podiatrists services, Physician visits), is transportation available, length of the program (hours, days of the week, fees), is a Physician order required, is funding available, any reviews on the service.
3.    Week 11: Submit the paper via this Canvas assignment. This is a graded Paper.
     Examples of Community Resources (You may select another Community Resource, these are just examples)
    Meals on Wheels
    Adult Day Care
    Senior Centers
    Silver Sneakers          
    Alzheimers Association
    Home Health Aides
    Food Stamps
    Assisted Living Facility / Personal Care Facility
    Nursing Home
    (If you select another topic please let Instructor know prior to Submission of Paper)


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