read this article and watch this TED talk.
write 350 words in which you take a position that builds from both of these sources.
include direct quotes (you do not have to cite the source)
briefly analyze your quotes or key points that you bring in from the sources.  How do they contribute to your new idea/position?  Why?
start with a topic sentence that asks a question that you will be answering.  Ex: “Should we use the death penalty despite so many other countries moving away from it?”  There is not a specific question here, but something you see between these 2 sources that you want to investigate.
end with a position that is very clear that distinctly answers your question.  This position should be qualified.  By “qualified,” I mean using qualifiers.  Ex: “I think everyone should try banana cheesecake, except for people on diets or with health problems.”  A qualifier is something that makes your statement specific rather than a general statement.  If you are looking for tires for high-speed driving and tight cornering, you should consider the Michelin XYZs, although they are not meant for everyday use nor for off-road or rainy conditions.”  You should have a few, at least, in your answer/position–in order to be specific.


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