compare/contrast data on COVID-19 and compare/contrast each countrys response to COVID-19. If you choose option 2 you may pick any 2 countries or regions of the world you wish.

Country #1 United Kingdom The UK is fairly large with a greater population and more large cities.
Country #2 Canada I know that Canada is divided up in provinces. Canada doesnt have that many large cities, and most their land seems fairly spread out. Both countries are high with tourist and travelers

1.    In this portion of the project address the following – write up this section for both countries (option 2): Describe the general picture of the country you have chosen. For example, what is the country like both historically and currently in terms of population size, race/ethnicity, age structure, geographic size, rural versus urban, socioeconomic status, educational level, culture, religion, civil unrest/war, etc? You do not need to describe all of these factors but think about which factors are most relevant to understanding your chosen disease in that country.

2.    Describe this section for COVID-19 (option 2). In this portion of the project address the following for your disease:
1.    Describe your chosen disease or health condition overall
2.    Stage of susceptibility (when someone could get the disease)
3.    Stage of pre-symptomatic disease
4.    Stage of clinical disease
5.    Stage of recovery, disability, or death

C. Data & Measures Used

D. Patterns of Disease

E. Summary & Conclusion


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