6 sections, instruction attached below.

Section 1: answer all bullet points.
Section 2: answer these three:
How did you feel and what did you think prior to, during, and after the experience?
What did you enjoy about the experience? What did you like the least?
What emotional reactions did you experience during the work term, e.g. were you
surprised, anxious, excited, frustrated, or disappointed by any experiences?
Section 3:
Were you able to develop the competencies that youd identified? (Competencies: talk about communication skill, teamwork skill)
What went well during the experience (what worked)?
What went poorly during the experience (what didnt work)?
Section 4:
Reconsider the things that went well and/or badly and write why you think they went
well and/or poorly (causes of action). What internal and external factors influenced the
outcome? What was your role and/or what choices did you make that made an impact?
Reconsider the experiences that went well and/or poorly and write what you think this
led to (consequences of action).
Describe what could have been done to avoid negative consequences/how this positive
action could have been further improved.
Section 5:
What did you learn about yourself during the experience (positive and/or negative)?
What should or could you have done differently? What stopped you from doing this?
What did you learn about your current knowledge or level of practice (strengths and
Section 6:
What do you need to do in order to be better prepared to face this experience in future?
Even if the experience was positive and you did well, in which specific areas can you
improve? What specific steps do you need to take in order to achieve these
If you are interested in continuing to pursue work in this field, what further
technical/academic knowledge would you need? Identify other professional
development, work/volunteer experiences, professional accreditation, specific/expanded
network of contacts that would be helpful in this pursuit.
What advice would you give to someone else embarking on a similar project or starting a
similar role?


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