Because Nick, our reliable (?) narrator, grants Jay and Daisy some privacy during their reunion, we dont know what goes on.
What happened?
What was said?
Did they make plans?
Did they kiss?
Students imagine that they are a narrator who is privy to the reunion of Jay and Daisy.
They compose the scene that occurs while Nick roams around in the backyard and admires Gatsbys mansion.
Students are required to include the following elements as listed on the assignment:
Dialogue — Remember, when a new speaker speaks, start a new paragraph.
Sensory Description — What can the reader or the characters see, hear, taste, smell, and feel?
Figurative Language — Include one of each: alliteration, simile, personification.
Symbolism — Of course, include two instances of color symbolism.
Plot — A secret! Create a secret revealed by one of the characters or an act committed during the rendezvous. Remain consistent with the characterization and the plot that Fitzgerald has established to this point.
A rubric with blank point values is included and is digital-enabled.
Appropriate graphics and clear font.


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