This will be a part of my capstone paper. In my capstone paper, there will be a part of Primary Research, and it will include two parts, which are survey and case study. I need you to help me complete these two parts. The part of Primary Research should be 19 pages.

The topic for this capstone paper is How Public Relations Can Help Celebrities Sincerely Apologize to the Public, Show Regret, and Demonstrate a Sincere Desire to Make Change.

The hypothesis that I put forward for my topic is The PR professional can help celebrities apologize with the most sincere attitude to the public in the first instance, demonstrate regret and a sincere desire to make a change, and using PR tactics and communications. Except for those actions, the effective solution is time.

Please write these two parts based on this outline:
3.1.2 Case Study
3.2 Findings
3.2.1 Findings From Survey
– Presentation of results.
3.2.2 Findings From Case Study
3.3 Analysis
3.3.1 Analysis Of Survey
– Implications for thesis proposition/problem statement.
– Analyze answers based on the data.
3.3.2 Analysis Of Case Study
– Implications for thesis proposition/problem statement.

A. For the survey, the report of my survey has been attached, please follow it and write findings and anaysis.
B. For the case study, please follow the guideline of the attachment “How to write a case study” and do a case study of Maria Sharapova’s drug scandal.

Both the survey and case study should support my findings, academic research and other literature review, so please read the paper that I’ve completed so far thoroughly, and combine this case study and the findings of survey closely to my topic and my hypothesis. My paper I’ve written so far was attached.

Lastly, please use simple words and very simple grammar. Thank you!


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