Find an article (not more than one year old) in the media that demonstrates either Convergence Theory or the concept of the Global Village.  Essay may also touch on other issues and controversies surrounding the use or development of technology in American and global society. For example, the article chosen may potentially also deal with at least one or more of the concepts or questions covered in the reading up to this point in the course (chapters 16-20). Some of the concepts and questions we have explored that you will likely find in the media include: Controlling weapons proliferation, Weapons of mass destruction, Arms control, Weapons technology as a “technological fix”, Terrorism, Cultural lag, Technological Entrepreneurship, Government control/influence on technology, Cyber Attack/Cyber Warfare/Cyberterrorism, and Action Reaction.  These are just a few sample of some of the concepts.  Keep in mind, this is a current events assignment that relates course material to things going on in our world(and thus the news) now.  Do not use articles more than one year old.

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