Curriculum Selection

Note: This discussion will serve as a basis for your assignments and course project.

In your initial post to this discussion:

Describe the educational setting and curriculum you have selected for your work in this course, including the course project.
If you have selected a curriculum in an academic setting, include a background of the organization and its academic structure; that is, the institution’s schools and colleges, such as the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Business, and the College of Fine Arts. Include an explanation of how the nursing program fits into the academic structure.
If you have selected an orientation or staff development curriculum in a clinical setting, provide a detailed description of that setting.
Describe the curriculum development process of the selected institution with as much detail as you can provide.
Identify a course or content in the selected curriculum that you believe needs to be revised or that is currently not available in the nursing curriculum. Present a valid argument for the academic revision that you have suggested and support your position with current research.


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